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Traeger Wood Pellet Grills
For Sale In Nebraska

You’ll believe the hype once you taste the difference! Food coming off a Traeger grill simply tastes better. It is just that simple! Traeger Grills are built to give you the ultimate all-in-one outdoor cooking experience. Use it as a grill, BBQ, smoker, or a wood-fired convection oven – but before you do, be sure to check out our popular line of pellets, sauces, rubs and accessories. Stop by Mitchell Equipment today and see what all the fuss is about.

Grills Hardwood Pellets Sauces Rubs Accessories

Wood Fired = More Flavor New Sauce And Rub Available!


Traeger Grills Select Elite

Our premium residential pellet grill combines wood-fired convection high-performance with traditional BBQ good looks. Your guests will marvel at the dual door storage cart, stainless steel side shelves, and a higher-capacity pellet hopper – but they’ll be even more in awe of the simply delicious food you grill.

Traeger Grills Select Elite


  • 589 sq. in. (31" x 19”) Grilling Area

  • LED Digital, Multi-Position Thermostat Control

  • Easily Holds Up To: 20 Burgers | 5 Chickens, 28 Hot Dogs | 6 Rib Racks


Traeger Grills Pro Series

This brawny linebacker of a grill has a robust Pro body style with sawhorse chassis, new side-lift bar for even weight distribution and solid all-terrain wheels for easy yardage over pavers, rocks, and dirt. And the new Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control*, providing every sideline chef with the precision grilling they desire.

Traeger Grills Pro Series


  • 884 sq. in. grilling area

  • Main Rack: 34" x 19", Extra Rack: 34" x 7"

  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic and Dual Meat Probes

  • Pellet Hopper Clean-Out, for changing pellet flavors on the fly

  • Main Rack Easily Holds 24 Burgers | 6 Chickens, 32 Hot Dogs | 9 Rib Racks

  • Extra Rack Easily Holds 16 Burgers | 24 Hot Dogs

*Average variance over an hour-long cook after the grill has achieved initial set temperature.  72 degrees F without wind.


Traeger Grills Pro Series

The redefined Pro grill has a linebacker-like sawhorse chassis for stability. Get even weight distribution while hauling your grill with the brawny new side-lift bar, the all-terrain wheels are rock-solid and make rolling your grill over pavers, rocks, and dirt simple. The new series touts better temperature control, the Digital Pro Controller has Advanced Grilling Logic to keep temps within +/-15 degrees F* for guaranteed precision grilling. Create the Traeger taste for family and friends when you take your grilling experience Pro.

Traeger Grills Pro Series


  • 572 sq. in. grilling area

  • Main Rack: 22" x 19", Extra Rack: 22" x 7"

  • Digital Pro Controller with Advanced Grilling Logic and Dual Meat Probes

  • Pellet Hopper Clean-Out, change pellet flavors on the fly

  • Main Rack Easily Holds 16 Burgers | 4 Chickens, 24 Hot Dogs | 5 Rib Racks

  • Extra Rack Easily Holds 8 Burgers | 12 Hot Dogs

*Average variance over an hour-long cook after the grill has achieved initial set temperature.  72 degrees F without wind.

Traeger Grills Junior Elite

Junior Elite 20

This little brother to Texas Elite and Lil’ Tex Elite fits better into smaller spaces, but its big wood-fired personality and power still infuses plenty of flavor into everything you BBQ. With 300 square inches of cooking surface, it’s the perfectly portable size for small households, traveling, and tailgating.


  • 300 sq. in. (20" x 15") Grilling Area

  • Digital Elite Controller

  • Easily Holds Up To: 12 Burgers | 2 Chickens, 18 Hot Dogs | 3 Rib Racks


Traeger Grills PTG+

PTG stands for Portable Tabletop Grill, and the “plus” is that outdoor chefs can be on the go – and still BBQ! Make it your perfect companion when you’re camping, tailgating, picnicking, boating – any activity or destination where you need a convenient way to still have a simple meal packed with flavor. You never have to sacrifice wood-fired taste, not when Traeger can move where you move!

Traeger Grills PTG+


  • 173 sq. in. (11.5" X 15") Grilling Area

  • Plugs into a standard 110v outlet

  • Easily holds up to: 8 Burgers|16 Hot Dogs

Many more models & styles – we’ll find the right series for you!

Trager Grills Hard Wood Pellets


Wood-Fired Flavor X 9!

Love your BBQ with these bold and flavorful wood pellets available from Traeger. Nine flavors means the opportunities to unleash your creativity are endless.

Choose from:

  • Realtree Big Game Blend Hardwood

  • Hickory BBQ Hardwood

  • Mesquite BBQ Hardwood

  • Apple BBQ Hardwood

  • Pecan BBQ Hardwood

  • Oak BBQ Hardwood

  • Cherry BBQ Hardwood

  • Maple BBQ Hardwood

  • Alder BBQ Hardwood

*NOTE: Use only genuine Traeger BBQ Pellets in your Traeger Grill. Using homemade barbecue pellets, other brands of pellets, or heating fuel pellets in your Traeger Grill will void your warranty.


Pour, Spread, Shake, Rub – Flavorize!

You already know that Traeger knows how to grill. Now it’s time for you to discover the bold, saucy, spicy side of Traeger! Step (1) Pick out your favorite cut of meat. Step (2) Pour, spread, shake, or rub on one of the great sauces or rubs below. Step (3) Let Traeger cook up the tastiest, most taste bud-tantalizing meal ever.

BBQ Sauces


  • Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

  • Traeger ’Que BBQ Sauce

  • Apricot BBQ Sauce

  • Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce

  • Sugar Lips Glaze

  • New Sauce And Rub Available
  • Bee Local Cherry Wood Smoked Honey

  • Bee Local West Coast Wildflower Honey

BBQ Rubs

Rubs & Shakes

  • Beef Rub

  • Chicken Rub

  • Pork & Poultry Rub

  • Coffee Rub

  • Prime Rib Rub

  • Traeger Rub

  • Cherry Wood Smoked Salt

  • Pure Kosher Sea Salt

  • Orange Brine & Turkey Rub Kit

  • Real Tree Big Game Rub

Traeger Grills Accessories


Gear Up Your Grill!

The difference between a Griller and a Grill Master is in the tools! And whether you’re looking to advance – or enhance – your BBQ skills, Traeger has made it easy for you by gathering everything you need in one place.

Traeger Grills Accessories

From Digital Pro Controllers and Digital Thermostat Kits, to Folding Front Shelves, Bottom Shelves, plus skillets, griddles, grates and much more! See all the tools and gadgets you’ll ever need to “up” your grilling game a notch, right here traegergrills.com/shop/accessories/